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This needs to stop now.

We are a non-profit organisation looking for ways to help prevent poaching of rhinos and elephants in national parks using smart technology.

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The Problem

55 elephants and rhinos are killed each day

Around 90% of African elephants have been wiped out in the past century – mainly due to the ivory trade. Elephant poaching, even though it’s illegal, has been getting dramatically worse in parts of Africa in the last 10 years. Around 20,000 African elephants are being killed every year for their ivory.

the impact of poaching


Ecosystems are destabilised


COVID19, Ebola, Sars, H5N1, are spread through black wildlife markets


A world without rhinos, elephants and tigers


Negative effects on tourism, stimulated corruption

Our Initiatives

Cell Phone Detection

Did you know that poachers use mobile phones while coordinating their activities? Our sensors can detect those phones and alert rangers. 

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Smart Camera Trap

Camera-traps are widely used, but most of them often require physical retrieval of the stored photos. That's not very handy if you want to catch poachers! Our smart camera trap uses Machine Learning to analyse photo’s and detect what’s on the photo. If it “sees” something of interest the system will immediately alert rangers using a satellite uplink.

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THe Team

Thijs Suijten & tim van deursen

Tim van Deursen (right) and Thijs Suijten (left), are running Hack the Planet. A non-profit organisation, which lets them use their engineering skills to contribute to a better world. Hack The Planet aims to help organisations like Greenpeace and WWF that have limited resources and a big ambition to innovate.

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Hack the Planet

Hack The Planet takes on global challenges using pragmatic tech.
Many courageous organisations are taking on major humanitarian and sustainability challenges. Hack The Planet offers these organisations new perspectives on challenges, accelerating their efforts by creating and implementing smart and pragmatic technologies in collaborative projects.


Q42 is a strategic technology agency. Or as they like to say: we're 80 nerds who like to make things with impact. Things that make people smile. Q42 makes apps, websites, connected devices, games, robots, voice assistants, AI and VR.
Hack the Planet is a sublabel of Q42.


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