Smart Camera Traps

Most camera traps work by taking a photo and storing it on a SD card; rangers need to physically retrieve the SD cards to see what is on the photo. This process takes a lot of time and does not provide real-time information. Our smart camera trap solves this problem by automatically analysing the photo and alerting if needed.

The system is compatible with existing camera-traps. It connects to the camera and retrieves the photos from the device. Camera-traps on itself are great and optimised for extreme weather conditions. We didn’t need to change that system, so we created technology that can be used as add-on.

The system (add-on) uses Machine Learning to detect what is on a photo and alerts rangers when something of interest is detected (for instance a human). Equipped with a satellite up-link the system can be used in even the most remote locations.

What can the system be used for?

The smart camera system can be deployed anywhere in the world, even is there is no GSM or internet connection! This is interesting for a number of different use cases.

Anti Poaching

Use the realtime machine learning classification of the smart camera traps  to be alerted when humans enter a poaching hotspot.

biodiversity monitoring

Realtime monitoring of species

Human wildlife conflicts

Get a notification when for example Elephant come close to a village